The Problem:


  • 49% of inmates at the Harris County Jail have at least one child under the age of 18.
  • Texas has an incarceration rate of 840 per 100,000 people (including prisons, jails, immigration detention, and juvenile justice facilities), meaning that it locks up a higher percentage of it's people than any democracy on earth.

The Effects:

Hidden Consequences:

  • Parental incarceration journey leads to enforced loss of a parent and an adverse childhood experience of shame and stigma.
  • Parental incarceration is a toxic stressor. Toxic stress can harm a child’s developing brain and body. It can also affect a child’s struggle with life-altering and daily decision making.
  • Parental incarceration affects the places where children live, learn, grow, and play. The youth’s quality of life strongly depends on the caregiver's ability to provide guidance, supervision, and economic resources.

Our Goal:

We Accelerate Change:

  • Our organization's goal is to make Houston’s philanthropic efforts more impactful for youths with one or two parents incarcerated.
  • Through our E3 Youth Program, we provide youths with the emotional, creative, and financial developmental tools to help manage the impact of negative messages taught through community and social surroundings.
Girls huddled together in a gymnasium talking.

How you can help: